French Republic

French Republic
a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
Syn: ↑France
Members of this Region:
apache dance, ↑Agincourt, ↑Battle of the Marne, ↑Belleau Wood, ↑Chateau-Thierry, ↑Marne River, ↑Chalons, ↑Chalons-sur-Marne, ↑Crecy, ↑battle of Crecy, ↑Dunkirk, ↑Dunkerque, ↑Ivry, ↑battle of Ivry, ↑Ivry la Bataille, ↑Meuse, ↑Meuse River, ↑Argonne, ↑Argonne Forest, ↑Meuse-Argonne, ↑Meuse-Argonne operation, ↑Orleans, ↑siege of Orleans, ↑Poitiers, ↑battle of Poitiers, ↑Rocroi, ↑Battle of Rocroi, ↑Saint-Mihiel, ↑St Mihiel, ↑battle of St Mihiel, ↑Soissons, ↑battle of Soissons-Reims, ↑battle of the Chemin-des-Dames, ↑battle of the Aisne, ↑Somme, ↑Somme River, ↑Battle of the Somme, ↑Tertry, ↑battle of Tertry, ↑Valmy, ↑battle of Valmy, ↑Verdun, ↑battle of Verdun, ↑French Revolution, ↑Bastille, ↑maisonette, ↑maisonnette, ↑oriflamme, ↑rue, ↑tricolor, ↑tricolour, ↑jeu d'esprit, ↑bon mot, ↑mot, ↑French, ↑bonheur, ↑haute cuisine, ↑nouvelle cuisine, ↑bureau de change, ↑National Liberation Front of Corsica, ↑FLNC, ↑ancien regime, ↑estate of the realm, ↑estate, ↑the three estates, ↑first estate, ↑Lords Spiritual, ↑second estate, ↑Lords Temporal, ↑third estate, ↑Commons, ↑escadrille, ↑noblesse, ↑commune, ↑department, ↑prefecture, ↑deputy, ↑franc-tireur, ↑legionnaire, ↑legionary, ↑patron, ↑trillion, ↑one million million, ↑1000000000000, ↑quadrillion, ↑quintillion, ↑sextillion, ↑septillion, ↑octillion
Instance Hypernyms: ↑European country, ↑European nation
Member Holonyms:
Part Holonyms: ↑Europe
Member Meronyms: ↑Basque, ↑Frenchman, ↑Frenchwoman, ↑French person
Part Meronyms:
Maginot Line, ↑Versailles, ↑Palace of Versailles, ↑Paris, ↑City of Light, ↑French capital, ↑capital of France, ↑Avignon, ↑Bordeaux, ↑Brest, ↑Calais, ↑Cannes, ↑Chablis, ↑Chartres, ↑Cherbourg, ↑Dijon, ↑Grenoble, ↑Le Havre, ↑Lille, ↑Lyon, ↑Lyons, ↑Marseille, ↑Marseilles, ↑Nancy, ↑Nantes, ↑Nice, ↑Orleans, ↑Rheims, ↑Reims, ↑Toulon, ↑Toulouse, ↑Tours, ↑Valenciennes, ↑Vichy, ↑Vienne, ↑Riviera, ↑French region, ↑Alsace, ↑Alsatia, ↑Elsass, ↑Anjou, ↑Aquitaine, ↑Aquitania, ↑Artois, ↑Auvergne, ↑Bourgogne, ↑Burgundy, ↑Bretagne, ↑Brittany, ↑Breiz, ↑Centre, ↑Champagne, ↑Champagne-Ardenne, ↑Corse, ↑Corsica, ↑Franche-Comte, ↑Gascogne, ↑Gascony, ↑Ile-de-France, ↑Languedoc-Roussillon, ↑Limousin, ↑Lorraine, ↑Lothringen, ↑Midi, ↑Midi-Pyrenees, ↑Nord-Pas-de-Calais, ↑Pays de la Loire, ↑Picardie, ↑Picardy, ↑Poitou-Charentes, ↑Poitou, ↑Rhone-Alpes, ↑Normandie, ↑Normandy, ↑Orleanais, ↑Provence, ↑Savoy, ↑Alps, ↑the Alps, ↑Garonne, ↑Garonne River, ↑Isere, ↑Isere River, ↑Lake Geneva, ↑Lake Leman, ↑Lascaux, ↑Loire, ↑Loire River, ↑Loire Valley, ↑Massif Central, ↑Meuse, ↑Meuse River, ↑Mont Blanc, ↑Monte Bianco, ↑Pyrenees, ↑Rhine, ↑Rhine River, ↑Rhein, ↑Rhone, ↑Rhone River, ↑Sambre, ↑Sambre River, ↑Saone, ↑Saone River, ↑Scheldt, ↑Scheldt River, ↑Seine, ↑Seine River

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